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It's Like Having Your Own Private Chef!

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Chef Prepared Meals for Body Builders

Let us do the hard work so you can keep "Sculpting your Body"

Chef Creations

Over 4000 Chef Created Recipes

Custom Macro Meals

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About Us

"Body Builder Meals" was Created by the Chefs at Ready Made Dinners. 90% of failure for any Body Builder is related to their food consumption. While a few body builders get paid to work out, most have full time jobs. Preparing Good, Healthy meals is a challenge. "Body Builder Meals" takes away the stress of shopping, prepping and cooking. This allows anyone to focus on their work out rather than the cooking. Meals are custom Build to fit specific Macros. It's like having your Own Private Chef

Our Services

Body Builder Meals takes away the Stress of Shopping, Prepping and cooking. Allowing you to focus on your workout!

Chef Created Meals

Over 4000 recipes from International Chefs. Custom Created to fit Specific Macros. Healthy but Delicious Meals

Simple Ordering System

Meet with one of our Nutritionist and one of our Chefs will create the meals for your specific Macros

Increase Performance

Body Builder Meals allows to focus on your workout rather than shopping, prepping and cooking. This allow you to increase your performance and see faster results in your body

Easy Ordering System

We have several packages to allow you to custom build a meal program that will fit your schedulle and budget.


Why Body Builder Meals

90% of Success Building the Perfect Body is Proper Eating, We Make it Simple for you!

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